Mission 200 Prayer Initiative

The first and most critical component to kingdom building in the church militant is prayer. The disciples looked as Jesus after years of talking, after years of Jesus' modeling, after years of His miraculous events ad requested, "Lord, teach us to pray." They didn't say, "Lord, teach us to heal." They didn't say, "Lord, teach us to walk on water." They said, "Teach us to pray." They came to recognize that the role of prayer in mission and in this life of faith is critical.

We are organized for this; we have check lists, priorities, coaches, and enthusiasm. We are eager and burdened for this to occur as a District. But the question stands: are we convicted to pray concerning this Divine mission?

The challenge before us in Texas is so profound that a significant call to prayer is called for. It is my prayer and our goal to realize 10% of the Baptized membership of the Texas District LCMS congregations to be in prayer for the mission in Texas.

As the Lord leads you to pray for the mission of the church in this district and beyond, I encourage you to subscribe to the Texas District Prayer Initiative. When you do, you will receive a weekly prayer page through your preferred email account.

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2015 Mission Support

The Texas District is focused upon bringing the Gospel to the millions of people coming to our state as well as supporting mission work around the world. Congregations come together in prayer, work, and resources to pursue the call to make the Gospel known to everyone.

To learn more about how your congregation can participagte in the 2015 financial component of the mission click here.

Texas Partners In Mission

In addition to congregational support, there is a great opportunity for individuals to participate in resource the mission. Texas Partners in Mission was created by the Texas District to focus on reaching the lost in Texas, one mission at a time, one partner at a time and one relationship at a time. The Texas Partners in Mission website can be viewed by clicking here.