Welcome to Church Planting Network

There is an incredible and exciting movement in the body of Christ these days. God is using His church to move dramatically into the world with the heart of Jesus to "seek and save those who are lost." God's people are connecting and working together in order to reach out to the millions of people who do not know Jesus to be the Savior of all.

This site will highlight the growing community of Church Planting Networks throughout the Texas District. Read about them. Communicate with them. Encourage them in your prayers and consider joining them in your ministry. You may even want to begin your own church planting network where you live.

People from foreign lands and people from right across the street are learning to love Jesus through the work of such efforts. Each of these organizations has a passion for people to know Christ.


FiveTwo is a "How to" Church Planting Network based in the Houston area, but connected with church planters around the nation and the world.  In addition to web-based resources and training, FiveTwo will be coordinating gatherings for church planters. 

For more information go to: http://fivetwo.com/.

LINC Houston

LINC Houston is a network of local churches that have joined together in a common mission to impact the city of Houston with the love of Christ.  Training new workers, planting new churches, and reaching out with Christ in creative ways are hallmarks of LINC's dynamic ministry. 

For more information go to: http://www.linchouston.org/

LINC North Texas

LINC North Texas exists to transform communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  LINC plants churches, trains missionary leaders, and practices community development in a context of making disciples. 

For more information go to: http://www.lincnt.org/

LINC San Antonio

LINC San Antonio is a new ministry working to recruit and train missional leaders, plant churches and new ministries, and transform the greater San Antonio area with the love of Jesus Christ in word and action.  LINC connects people to people, and people to Christ. 

For more information go to: http://www.lincsa.org/

Missional Worker

The Vision: To recruit, equip, send, and support a movement of harvest workers in specific, lay-developed, self-supporting ministries throughout Texas and beyond.

For more information go to: http://www.missionalworker.org/

Disciples of the Way Ministries

Disciples of the Way Ministires in Texas is based in the Dallas area and is launching new mission outreach to Muslims. 

Mentoring new leaders, the ministry is growing rapidly as more churches are being planted and more people are being reached.  There is a new mission component recently added to this ministry especially for women. It is called Women of the Way.

For more information go to: http://www.poblotexas.org/content/


The primary focus of SoulThirst Church Planting Ministries is the training of competent, duly equipped church planters at the SoulThirst Academy.  Efforts are located in the Dallas/North Texas area.

For information go to: SoulThirstMinistries.com

onthisrock ministry

onthisrock is the church planting ministry of St. Peter Lutheran church in Roanoke, Texas. The vision is to plant multiple churches that will continue to be connected with each other for the purpose of planting more churches. Call it the "Ripple Effect", if you will - one rock into a pond creates ripples that move ever expanding outward.

For information go to: http://www.onthisrockministry.org. Be certain to click on the "mission" link at the top left hand part of the page.

Acts Church Lakeway

ACTS is made up of more than letters. It's made up of values - powerful concepts that guide the Mission of ACTS and propel the people of ACTS into action. We invite you to follow the links and begin exploring these powerful concepts: Adventure, Community, Transformation, and Sending.

For information go to: http://www.actschurchlakeway.com/. Be certain to click on the "mission" link at the top left hand part of the page.

The Summit

St. Paul, Ft. Worth / The Summit at Aledo has launched Crossroads in Burleson. Through crossroads, God is mobilizing people to grow as His disciples and to be a blessing to the South Tarrant/North Johnson County region! They launched on Sunday, October 9, 2011 at the Burleson Area Chamber of Commerce from 5-7PM.

For more information go click here.